Plan B says riots and looting in England are ‘madness’

Plan B has angrily condemned the recent riots in England as “madness” in an audio clip released on his website.

The 27-year-old east London rapper and singer recorded a 7-minute speech in which he repeatedly swore as he questioned the rioters’ motives.

“What’s the point of getting arrested and getting put in jail for a pair of new trainers or a microwave?

“You broke into Lidl cos you wanted to get some frozen food, and you’re going to do time for that,” he said.

He called the looting “stupid”, criticising rioters for targeting small local businesses and risking jail time.

‘Free stuff’

“It’s scary because they’re not attacking the government,” he said.

“If this is about high taxes and things costing too much in this country then why are you attacking the working class, the retail shops?

“This is all just an excuse, it’s an excuse for young angry kids to take that anger out and steal,” he added.

“I think they’re doing it because they want to get some free stuff, because they ain’t got anything and they’re angry at that.

“They’re angry at not being able to buy the things they want to buy,” he said.

Plan B, whose real name is Ben Drew, also added that rioters were “ruining good work that people do in the communities”.

“You’ve got people like me who are trying to change the way that middle England looks at the underclass, and have a bit more compassion for them.

“How can I stand up for that anymore?” he asked.

“Would they like to live in a world where everyone was poor, and everyone was selling crack, and everybody’s mum was on crack?

“What’s these riots in aid of it makes everybody poor? Then there’s no way out, there’s no other option,” he said.

He signed off on the clip by saying: “I felt it needed to be said, I’m Plan B.”