Katie lets her hair down after debate on Newsnight

Katie Price celebrated her first appearance on Newsnight by hitting the clubs, leaving the Funky Buddha with a male friend, hours after telling host Jeremy Paxman that her boobs had dropped following the birth of her three children.

The glamour model took part in a debate on breast implants on the heavyweight current affairs show.

And she squared up to Health Secretary Anne Milton and author Naomi Wolf over faulty implants.

She told Jeremy she was happy with her boobs – despite several bad experiences.

She said: “I’ve had bad experiences with it and I was recommended to what I thought was the best doctor, but it’s not always the case that you go to the best doctor and you get the best boob job. It’s all about your body and how your body takes it.

“At the end of the day having implants, it’s foreign and anything foreign, your body can naturally reject it, so people do have problems with it. I would say I’m happy with them – I should be now, I’ve had enough of them.

“When I first had my implants I always knew I wanted them bigger so it took me three sizes to get to the size I wanted. If they’d done the size I wanted at the beginning I would have been happy.”