MC Harvey claims emails prove he & Cheryl were an item

Rapper MC Harvey has reportedly shown a legal expert emails he insists confirm he WAS in a relationship with Cheryl Cole.

And the legal advisor, who works for a magazine, says the messages prove they were romantically linked.

The rapper tweeted this morning: “I said I had emails, I’ve shown the emails. I’ve cleared my name.

“That’s all I wanted to do.#proof.”

But Cheryl stayed strong with her own statement online:”I don’t know when I became so na├»ve but even after 10 yrs in this industry I am still shocked that people will tell soul destroying lies to benefit themselves #sadbuttrue.”

Sources close to the star say that MC Harvey has fabricated the relationship to raise his profile ahead of the release of his new single.



After revealing details about the alleged fling last week, the former member of So Solid Crew came under fire from every direction – not least from the Fight For This Love singer herself.

Cheryl vehemently denied his claims on Twitter and it was reported that she is considering taking legal action.

She tweeted last week in response to Harvey’s sensational claims: “Was this ‘relationship’ in your head? Are you smoking something?” I think I met you once, maybe twice, at public events, with your wife.”

But despite previously saying he would not share the private emails, the rapper has come out fighting to defend his name – and has apparently shown the correspondence to a magazine’s legal team.

Now magazine claims that Harvey, 32, has dozens of messages from Cheryl, 28 – and even bizarrely some from her mum Joan Callaghan – allegedly from September 2010 to February 2011.

According to the magazine “many of the messages are lengthy, delving into the pair’s feelings”.

Tim Parish, legal advisor for Now and a media lawyer for 24 years, said in a statement: “I was asked to verify the authenticity of the emails between Cheryl Cole and Michael Harvey as a proof of a relationship between the couple.

“The emails I was shown dated back to 2010 and were correspondence to and from Cheryl Cole and Michael Harvey and also between Michael Harvey and Cheryl’s mother Joan Callaghan.

“The emails give details of her feelings about The X Factor, pictures she sent to Michael Harvey as well as personal conversations between the pair.

“I concluded that the messages were real, had not been doctored in any way and confirm he was in a romantic relationship with the sender.”