Labrinth offers fans chance to record collaboration

Labrinth has offered fans the chance to write and record a song with him.

The singer-songwriter has teamed up with headphone manufacturer Sennheiser to find a talented musician to collaborate with on the ultimate sound test track.

The company’s Masters Of Sound scheme aims to bring together established and emerging talent to work on new material for a day.

To enter, aspiring musicians, singers, writers or producers must submit a piece of original music (a beat, lyrics, a riff) to the┬áSennheiser Facebook page that has to capture Labrinth’s attention.

All submissions will then face a public vote on Facebook and Twitter, which Labrinth will use as a guide when making his selection.

Speaking about his involvement with the project, Labrinth said: “A couple of years ago I was fighting to get my sound out there, so now I want to give people the chance to show the world what they can do.

“Opportunities like this can get you heard and change your life.

“There’s so much raw British talent out there and I’m hyped to hear all the different styles and sounds that come out of this and see what we can create.”

The winner of the Sennheiser Master of Sound competition will have a day to develop their winning submission in the studio with Labrinth, before the final cut will get its debut with Labrinth at HMV Oxford Street in Central London in mid-May.