Madonna snogs Drake at Coachella

Known to shock, Madonna made sure not to disappoint her fans at Coachella on Sunday night, snogging rapper Drake, who’s half her age.

Performing ‘Express Yourself’, Madonna pulled the 28-year-old singer back to plant a kiss on his lips, making out with him for at least three seconds.¬†

While the crowd was whipped up in frenzy about it, it would appear Drake was less than impressed by the lip lock.

Once Madge had pulled away, she didn’t seem to notice that Drake looked horrified, even wiping his mouth.


Wearing hot pants, fishnet tights over her knee high boots and a black vest top with the slogan ‘Big As Madonna’ across the front, Madonna strutted over to Drake, who was sitting in a chair.

The blonde beauty pulled back his head after caressing his cheek before planting her lips on his with her mouth full open for all to see.


Drake rubbed her head, seemingly enjoying the makeout session at first, before he seemed to change his mind.

The Ray Of Light crooner pushed away his hand as she made it clear who was in charge of the steamy encounter.