Neighbours hotel explosion sees one regular character die

Neighbours fans can expect heartbreaking scenes tonight when one of the regular characters will be killed off.

In the show’s dramatic 10pm special sees a regular character killed off in a dramatic post-watershed storyline.

Lassiters Hotle will be a hive of activity today as various characters find themselves in the building, just in time for the shocking moment that the boiler room explodes. In the unmissable scenes that follow, this causes death and devastation which will change life in Erinsborough forever.

The storyline kicks off in Neighbours’ regular 1.45pm and 5.30pm airings today, but viewers will have to tune back in at 10pm tonight to find out which character will be the first to die in the carnage.

Tuesday’s episode will feature a brief 3-minute recap from the 10pm airing but the tragic scenes won’t be shown again in full, so Neighbours fans are being encouraged to watch the one-off special to get the full impact from the storyline.

As with the last 10pm special, which focused on an explosion at Sonya and Toadie’s wedding, the hour-long airing has been specially edited for a post-watershed audience and will include chart music from artists such as Adele and One Direction playing over some key scenes.

The action then continues across the week, with more tragedy, turmoil andeven the return of Karl Kennedy’s old flame Sarah Beaumont to throw another spanner in the works.