Neon Jungle split after 1 album

Neon Jungle have announced that they have broken up after releasing just one studio album.

The girl group released their debut collection Welcome to the Jungle back in 2014, which peaked at number eight in the UK.

However, the four-piece have decided not to continue as a group, confirming the news to their fans on Monday.

“After many honest and heartfelt discussions, we have all agreed with a tremendously heavy heart, that it is time for us to continue our journeys individually,” the group posted on Facebook.

“This does not mean for a second we have separated! We will always and forever be in each other’s lives, and ALWAYS be supportive of one another.

“Although this is a heart breaking reality for the four of us, it is also extremely exciting, and we would love for all of you guys to also continue our new journeys with us. 4 for the price of 1 aye!?!?”

Neon Jungle released five singles during their time together, including two UK Top 10 hits, ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.