Rihanna’s B***h Better Have My Money video shocks fans

Rihanna is known for pushing the boundaries, but for some fans she’s gone too far in her video B***h Better Have My Money.

In the video for her latest single, a blood soaked Rihanna is seen kidnapping and torturing a rich blonde woman.

A rich, blonde, white woman with expensive hair and breast implants is seen in one clip putting the finishing touches to her makeup before heading through to her apartment.

She strolls through her beautiful apartment, scoops up her Pomeranian pooch, kisses her husband goodbye and steps into the lift.

As the doors close, we see Rihanna, styled like some sort of voodoo fashion victim in black lipstick and hallucinogenic eye make-up, pouting away ominously next to her in possession of a large trunk

The doors open again, and the blonde is gone: beaten up, one assumes, and put inside the trunk. Rihanna is holding the dog.

 As the video continues you see Rihanna and two friends, beat, gag and basically torture the woman, who turns out to be the wife of her accountant.

At various points, the singer phones the woman’s husband in an attempt to make him hand over a ransom — but sadly he seems more interested in taking advantage of the poor woman’s absence to live it up with a couple of call girls.

We at DYRT don’t like to judge, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think Ri Ri has gone too far this time.

Watch the video here: