NFL: Oakland Raiders looking forward to Wembley

The Oakland Raiders are hoping to land their first season win this weekend when they take on the Miami Dolphins at Wembley arena.

Wembley hosts the first of three matches in the NFL regular season on Sunday when Oakland get their first taste of London action.

The Raiders’ squad landed in London on Monday to begin their preparations for the game and, despite arriving in the UK without a win this season, they are in an upbeat mood.

“We are really excited about being here, it’s a great opportunity for us and we are looking forward to it,” said Oakland’s Head Coach Dennis Allen.

NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood added: “Our fans are really passionate, they come out with tremendous levels of support and we like to put on events that showcase our fans as much as possible.”

“If we don’t go to four games it will just be because of the Rugby World Cup. More because of stadium availability, hotels, practice (facilities).

“So my guess it will be either three or four games, but typically we don’t really know exactly where we are and the potential match-ups until late October.”

After huge demand for three games at Wembley this year, the hope is that there will be four for 2015.