SPOILER ALERT: Phil and Sharon’s wedding goes off with a bang in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell and Sharon Rickman walk down the isle in EastEnders next week and in true EastEnders fashion, their big day is far from straight forward.

In new pictures released by the BBC, Phil’s ex-girlfriend Shirley Carter can be seen terrifyingly confronting the couple with a gun.

This is the same woman that Phil has been blackmailing over their affair, and who also resents the bride because she is still in love with the East End thug. So the feisty barmaid could potentially be capable of anything.

The weapon Shirley is found with is the same one that Sharon has been hiding for her new husband’s cousin Ronnie Mitchell.

“The gun ends up in Shirley’s hands,” a source toldĀ The Mirror, “but who fires it?”

Phil’s son Ben also arrives back in Walford ahead the big day and is desperate to convince his dad not to marry Sharon – as he favours the armed barmaid Shirley.

“He wants Phil and Shirley to be together, because he knows they love each other,” Harry Reid, the latest actor to play Ben, told theĀ RadioTimes.

“Ben’s never met Sharon, but from what he’s heard from Grant or Peggy, he’s likely to think that she’s nothing but trouble.”

In addition to all of that, the bride and groom have a few issues of their own that need ironing out before they walk up the aisle.

Sharon has been stealing from her husband-to-be ever since she found out that he was responsible for her attack at The Albert.

Moments before they’re supposed to exchange vows, Sharon decides to confront her lover about his betrayal – while dramatically dressed in her wedding gown and singing along to REM’s Everybody Hurts.

During the discussion, she tells Phil, “This is where it ends”, leaving viewers wondering if there will be a wedding at all.

The countdown to the dramatic walk down the isle starts this Friday on BBC1 at 8pm.