Nicki Minaj keeps fans waiting 2 hours at Wireless Festival

Nicki Minaj left fans outraged after leaving them to wait for two hours at Wireless music festival at London’s Finsbury Park last night.

The 32-year-old rapper was scheduled to take to the stage between 7pm and 8pm, ahead of headliner David Guetta, but didn’t show until well after 9pm, citing ‘travel issues’ as the reason for her lateness.

Festival organisers were left red-faced after being forced to admit that they had lost touch with the multi-award winning artist – who was flying in from Denmark following a gig on Saturday night – when she failed to appear on stage.

A message flashed up on screen, reading, “Special announcement: we are told that she was due to be speeding down the M1 from Luton Airport as we speak but we have lost contact with her, we are hoping that she will be here soon.”

Highways England earlier reported heavy congestion between junctions nine and eight in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, close to Luton Airport, following a car fire.

When she did finally take to the stage, she didn’t disappoint. Dressed in a fishnet bodysuit, which showed all her glorious curves, Nicki treated fans to some of her biggest hits.