Alesha Dixon panned for National Anthem performance

Alesha Dixon has been panned for her rendition of the National Anthem at yesterday’s British Grand Prix.

The Britain’s Got Talent star came under fire on social media for “butchering” the national anthem at the British GP.

The Hertfordshire-born singer seems to have forgotten her Great British roots, as she bizarrely adopted an American accent for the performance.

Viewers were also quick to point out that she got the words wrong.

But Alesha has retaliated, claiming that it was not an American accent but ‘Soul’, and insisting she chose to change the lyrics.  

The TV  judge made the controversial decision to go with the words “God Save Our Queen”, rather than the more traditional “God Save The Queen”.  

But the songstress defended herself, insisting that she deliberately sang different lyrics.


Backlash: Alesha retaliated against criticism of her performance on Twitter
Alesha defended her performance on Twitter


“There’s a difference between getting the words wrong and choosing to sing a particular version,” she tweeted to her 853,000 followers. 

She added the hashtag “don’tp***onmyparade”.