Serena Williams threatens to sue Wimbledon

An angry Serena Williams threatened to sue Wimbledon yesterday over slippery grass.

The American player threatened to sue a referee over slippery playing conditions while two other players erupted with rage after being refused a toilet break.

In ill-tempered scenes on Centre Court, Williams told¬†referee Andrew Jarrett – “If I get hurt, I’m suing him”.

She confronted umpire Marija Cicaks as light drizzle fell, telling the official: “I’m going to fall. I don’t get it. Can’t they just close the roof?”

Her outburst came after Frenchman Gilles Simon, 31, had also threatened legal action after last week telling how he wanted to “destroy” the umpire who refused his request to leave the court in drizzle.

Speaking after the match Williams said:¬†“I was in the moment. I was on the court. What I say on the court, whether it’s smashing my rackets or it’s in the heat of the moment … I have no plans, no future of suing Wimbledon. Let’s get serious. That’s not what I do, that’s not what I am.

“I’m not answering any more questions about that, nor will I want anyone reporting that either. That’s just completely absurd and wrong.”

Asked about how bad it can get when it is wet underfoot, she said: “Playing on the grass is a little tricky because, you know, we don’t even start play till 10:00 for practice because of the dew, the morning dew on the grass. You can definitely slide. It’s very slippery out there.”