SPOTTED: Kim and Kanye flying economy class to Armenia

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted flying economy class to Armenia during their recent trip to Kim’s native land.

They pair, who have an estimated joint net worth of $155million, are used to first class travel, however made do with the budget flight, even managing to catch some zzzz’s along the way.

The superstars were spotted slumbering in their cramped and uncomfortable seats, trying their best to stay incognito.

A photo is doing the rounds on Twitter, showing the duo trying to catch some snooze in amongst the other passengers in cattle class.


Kim and Kanye are used to VIP all the way


‘dying Kim & Kanye flew Economy to Armenia (sic)’, Miles Newlove captioned the image as he uploaded it to the social media site.

Kim appears to have mastered the art of airplane sleeping and is seen curled up on her seat with her coat covering her like a blanket.