Ultra Girls Interview

You may think you’ve seen girl bands before but it’s been a long time since you’ve seen one quite like the Ultra Girls. Going back to the roots of what it means to be girls in a band, Lucy, Lauren, Amy and Laura are taking the essence of Girl Power but moving it into the 21st Century by adding slick dance moves, funky vocals and lashings of attitude.

Lucy, who describes herself as the cheeky, gobby one, always causing trouble, says it has taken hard work and dedication to get to this point.

“Before we actually formed as a group there was a load of us who would sit on the sidelines (where the girls cheered for Leeds Rhinos, Rugby Club) and discuss becoming a band but it was us four who seemed the most dedicated so we decided to give X Factor a go and were lucky enough to get though to judges houses.”

In hindsight Lucy says they’re glad Louis Walsh sent Project A (the girls former name) home as it gave them a chance to reform, figure out where they wanted to be and who they were as a group.

“X Factor was great, we had the chance to get a foot in the door and it was horrible when we were sent home but I’m glad it happened this way – I mean we’re opening for Kylie now – it doesn’t get better.”

“X-Factor gave us such a good experience for this and we had such a great time.

After the X-Factor we all became more confident as a group and knew this was something we wanted to do, we knew exactly what direction we wanted to go in.”

Lauren, who is virtually un-recognisable from the show – from the fiery hair to the wash board abs – says it’s time for a new girl group, one who can have as bit an impact on the world as the Spice Girls.

“We’re all about girl power and trouble with a Capital T,” she jokes.  “On a serious note, the Spice Girls are our inspiration.  They had such a huge impact on music and we’d love to follow that.”

“We’re quite similar in the way that we’ve kept our own individual style and personalities,” explained Lucy “There’s definitely a space for that type of girl group at the moment and we believe we can fill it.”

Creating an impact was a definite must for the girls, starting with a name change.

“At first we were called ‘Project A’,  we just came up with that name on the spot, but when we began to start recording in the studio we decided that we should come up with a new name,” explained Lauren.

“We wanted something that would stand out, this is where ‘Ultra’ came from. Then we just put it together – The Ultra Girls – it just clicked and felt like us.”

So what do you have to do to be in The Ultra Army – we at DYRT discovered you should be confident, not be afraid to say what’s on your mind, and be willing to have fun…with a little mischief on the side.

And for you guys who fancy impressing the Ultra Girls (who all but Amy are single) listen up –  Lucy says you should have a GSOH, be able to make her laugh, be easy on the eye and not take yourself too

seriously.. Laura just loves boys and guitars and to impress Lauren you should dust off your sharpest outfit because this girl like a guy who know how to dress.