Victoria Beckham supports remake of Wannabe for gender equality

Victoria Beckham has shown her support for the United Nations initiative The Global Goals, who have remade the Spice Girls Wannabe video to advocate for gender equality.



The 1996 hit that shot the Spice Girls to fame was all about girl power, and now United Nations initiative The Global Goals has remade the music video to advocate for women’s rights. 

In the new music video, girls and women from countries all over the world sing and dance along to Wannabe whilst signs showing the aims of the project are featured.

In the first scene young women in Mumbai dance in the street dressed in Spice Girls inspired 90s outfits whilst a banner in the background reads ‘end violence against girls’.


Girls run the world: The remake features women from all over the world singing and dancing to the song, with one location being Cape Town (above)


The video them changes to a scene showing a group of young Muslim girls in a classroom where the words ‘quality education for girls’ is written on the blackboard.


Goals of the organisation and campaign include quality education for all girls (above), ending child marriage, equal pay for equal work and ending violence against girls


The classroom morphs into one in Cape Town, South Africa, and young African girls dance in the street where ‘end child marriage’ has been spray painted on a wall near them.

The final scene is in a London hotel, recreating the setting for the Spice Girls original video. Five girls dance on a giant staircase, before running out in the London street and jumping onto a bus that says ‘equal pay for equal work’. 

The end of the video encourages watchers to post photos of themselves on social media with a sign saying what they ‘really really want’ so that the group can pass it on to world leaders.


Remake: The remake is quite similar to the original, with scene featuring five girls dancing on a similar staircase to the one in the original


‘GIRL POWER goes global to achieve #GlobalGoals. This is our message to world leaders #WhatIReallyReallyWant,’ the Facebook caption on the video reads.

Hours after the video went live Victoria Beckham shared her support by posting a picture of a handwritten note to Instagram under the hashtag. 

‘#WhatIReallyReallyWant is no more girls dying of HIV. X VB’ the note read.


Spice support: Victoria Beckham Instagrammed her support, sharing a note saying that she wanted an end to girls dying of HIV (above)


Other Spice Girls members Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm posted the Global Goals video on their Instagram accounts also showing their support.