Bitch please: Katie Price hits back at Cami Li in Celebrity Big Brother house

Katie Price has hit back at Cami Li for talking about her after last night’s nominations.

Cami Li kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother house on last night’s episode, after suspecting that Katie Price had nominated her.

Now it has all kicked off with the pair having a stand-off the following day, which will be aired tonight.

After Katie senses some tension between the two of them, she said to Cami: “If you’ve got a problem, say it to my face.”

“I’ve been sleeping with the enemy,” Cami told the rest of the housemates when she first heard she had been nominated, despite not having any proof to back up her claims. 

While it’s true that Pricey did put the outspoken glamour model up for eviction, she would have received a vote either way as Perez Hilton voted for her from his secret lair.

Katie Price tells the rest of the group in the kitchen that Cami Li is an adult and as such should realise that it’s going to get harder as the process goes on and that they have to nominate someone.

Katie Price’s brother, Danny Ingham, who has taken over her Twitter account, revealed that he believes the star is about to react in the house. 

He wrote: ‘…have a feeling the champagne bottle that is #cbbkatieprice may explode very soon -think I’ll leave it on that thought #cbb.’ 

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5