Frankie does the walk of shame

The morning after: Frankie Cocozza looked a little tired as he emerged from a London hotel todayHe may have almost got into an argument with them but this morning Frankie Cocozza seemed to be on good terms with the group of girls he had partied with last night.

The two blondes, who were pictured having a row with the shamed X Factor contestant following an appearance at the wrap party, were spotted doing the walk of shame as they left a West London hotel this morning.

Still wearing the same clothes as the night before, the females walked closely behind another X Factor hopeful, Jonjo Kerr.

The wannabe singer was also at the centre of the drama last night as he attempted to diffuse the situation which saw the police become involved.

Wearing the same blue skinny trousers from his night out with a beige knitted jumper and a burgundy coat, Frankie looked tired and all partied out as he emerged holding a Fred Perry bag.

Jonjo looked a bit more fresh-faced as he accompanied the two women – one who was still wearing no shoes.Walk of shame: X Factor hopeful Jonjo Kerr was spotted leaving the same hotel with two blonde females that left the party with him the night before

A third girl was also spotted leaving the hotel wearing a low-cut white dress with black peep-toe heels.

She was followed by boy band of the series, The Risk.

Charlie Healy, Ashford Campbell, Derry Mensah and Andrew Merry looked in good spirits as they checked out this morning.

The TV stars were no doubt recovering from a night of partying after they enjoyed a reunion with fellow contestants at central London night club DSTRK.

The male contestants have made no secret of the fact that they are good friends with Frankie – even after he was booted off of the show following the revelation that he had been using drugs while in the competition.

Viewers may be surprised that Frankie was even invited to the wrap party last night, especially after his partying ended with more drama.

The long-haired teen was seen being held back by Jonjo as the paparazzi tried their best to get photos of the group.

They were then seen talking to the police as they tried to diffuse the situation, but obviously the group managed to work things out and probably stayed up to the early hours of this morning in their hotel suite.

Hold me back! Frankie appeared to be annoyed with the two blonde females but they obviously resolved the issue soon after