SPOILER ALERT: EastEnders’ Mick Carter gets picked up by police for kerb crawling

EastEnders’ Mick Carter will be arrested next week for kerb crawling.

In next Wednesday’s episode, the Queen Vic landlord is caught red handed and red-faced, as he’s arrested for kerb crawling just outside of Walford.

Things aren’t as they seem as Mick is wrongly accussed of picking up Rainie Cross in his car when really he’s only trying to help out Ian Beale.

Ian and Rainie have been locked in mysterious dealings ever since she showed up claiming to be the only person who knew where he really was on the night of his daughter Lucy Beale’s murder.

To keep her quiet Ian was forced¬†to bribe Rainie¬†with cash, but now she’s back, and hounding him for more.

When Mick catches the pair in a heated discussion while driving home from the local swimming pool, he pulls up on the side of the road to intervene.


Mick tries to calm the situation with Rainie as he rolls down his window to talk to the pair
Mick tries to calm the situation with Rainie


Rainie confuses the situation when she’s seen leaning into Mick’s car and police arrive on the scene, with Ian nowhere to be seen.

It doesn’t look good for the pub boss who’s asked to step out of the vehicle and explain why he’s pulled up to talk to the redhead.

Mick is then accused of kerb crawling while Rainie does nothing to protest his innocence when they handcuff him and take him in for questioning.